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4 Practical Thin Waist Sports Can Be Done at Home

Summer is coming soon, and many people want to wear beautiful clothes to show their slim body. For most people who want to lose weight, the most hope to lose is the waist. So how to lose weight?

The waist is the fastest part of our body to accumulate fat, and the waist also affects our body shape, and it is the most difficult to lose weight. So there are a lot of slimming girls who are struggling every day to find a good way to lose weight. So today I will introduce you to the sports of thin waist.

4 Thin waist sports can do it at home

  1. Bobby Jumps.

Before we do the bobby jump thin waist exercise, it is best to warm up the body, warm up for five minutes, and then open our legs to our shoulder width, try to make our body jump up, but do not Taller than our arms, we squat during recovery, and put our hands on our chests. Every day we have to do more than 4 groups, and at least 15 for each group. When you feel that your body has adapted to such an intensity, you can increase the difficulty appropriately. This bobby jump exercise combines jump exercise and squat action, which can greatly achieve the effect of thin waist.

  1. The Scissors Legs Move.

First of all, our body is lying on a yoga mat or bed, and our legs are slowly raised to 90 °, then we cross our left and right legs, and try not to straighten our legs. This action looks very simple, but after doing a few you will feel that your legs and abdomen are very tight, which also proves that the fat on your legs and the fat on the abdomen are burning. This action can not only thin legs, but also thin waist, is very suitable for office workers and students party sitting on the stool for a long time.

  1. Squat Sideways.

First of all, we lay the body on a yoga mat or a bed to arch the legs, and put one leg on the other. One of our hands is lying on a yoga mat or bed, and the other hand is behind our ears, constantly doing the thin waist movement of curling up. Each time you do this action, you must stick to it for about five minutes. Of course, if you just start doing this action, you will feel very uncomfortable, you can appropriately reduce the time.

  1. The Air Touch Motion.

In the same way, our bodies lie on a bed or a yoga mat, our legs should be as 90 ° as possible, the upper body should slowly rise, and our hands should not touch our feet. At this time, you will feel that your abdomen is tightening vigorously. Practice this one more action. After a month, you will find that your waist has a significant effect of thin waist.

In fact, in addition to the practice of thin waist, in addition to practice some thin waist movements, in fact, in our daily life, some bad eating habits and lifestyle habits will lead to the increase of fat on our waist.

First, don’t sit for long periods of time.

Many office workers or the student party now sit on the stool all day long, but this is actually very bad. If you sit for a long time, you will have to adjust this lifestyle. After sitting for an hour, I got up and did fifty squats.

Second, do not lie down for snacks.

Many people are now at home, I believe many people like to lie in bed, eat snacks and watch TV. This kind of habit is that after food enters our intestines and stomach without proper digestion, it will slowly be stored and turned into waist fat.


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