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5 Tricks to Judge Whether a Woman is a Fake Orgasm You Do Not Have to Pretend!

Ladies, I think most of you know that pretending to be an orgasm is not a good idea, right? The most important reason is that it will bring you a continued bad sex life: if your partner thinks that what he has done for you can take you beyond the clouds, then he will continue.

If you think you are no longer pretending to have an orgasm, be careful, because your body will still betray you. If your partner happens to like to study such things, then your pretended orgasm may not escape his eyes. Here are 5 ways your body can betray you.

1. Your Toes Are Straight

Maybe you have heard the term “toes curl”, right? That’s because when you really climax, your toes do curl. If your toes are straight, then this is a strong proof of your exaggerated orgasm.

2. Your Pelvic Muscles Are Not Tense

When you climax, the muscles of the vagina tighten. Although it is easy to pretend, it is best to practice that rhythm.

3. Your Rapid Breathing Quickly Returns to Normal

As you climb to the peak, your breathing will become more and more rapid. In a real orgasm, it takes a minute to calm down. And in the pretended orgasm, you haven’t actually gasped like that, so you will recover very fast.

4. Your face and chest are red without excitement

During a climax, when a large amount of blood changes its original direction and rushes under you, it is natural for the face and chest to become red, at least for those of us with fairer skin tones.

5. Your Pupils Are Not Dilated

In addition to the above, pupil dilation is an important sign of orgasm. So much so that during the Renaissance, Italian women used eye drops made of belladonna to create that kind of naive eyes after the climax. Even today, the models in advertisements often have enlarged pupils to entice you to buy things.


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