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After Breaking Up, I Cannot Find a New Relationship.


After Breaking Up, I Cannot Find a New Relationship: The Original Problem Appears Here.

Many people break up after having an unforgettable relationship. They always find it difficult to find the next relationship, or it takes a long time to find another relationship. Are you wondering if you haven’t stepped out of the previous relationship? Sometimes this may not be the case. The last relationship may have brought you lessons and pain, but it is not impossible to accept new relationships, but some people always cannot find new relationships. You know the problem is in Where is it? Maybe you will know after reading this article.

  1. Your expectations are too high

When you start looking for a new boyfriend or girlfriend, you will always inadvertently compare with the current one, and your thoughts will always tend to balance your inner balance to your ex, so you will always feel that the ex It is much better. You must not be worse than your predecessor in the future. Your expectations for your new boyfriend or girlfriend are too high. At this time, you will see that the other party is becoming more and more dissatisfied. A small flaw in the other party can be magnified by you, over time, your relationship will die, so don’t expect too much from the other party.

  1. The previous injury

Many injured people have a feeling of being bitten by a snake when accepting new feelings. Many of them are cheated or kicked and betrayed. These may be a barrier in your heart, but Not everyone is like this. Many people still have their own principles when they are in love. If you want a new relationship, you must overcome your inner thoughts. After all, not everyone is the same as your predecessor. A scumbag and a scumbag, you can finally find happiness.

  1. I can’t extricate myself from being immersed in unreal love

This is the online love or game love that everyone says. When you have a long online love or game love, you will not want to fall in love again, because you will find that the virtual love is more than the real love. It is easy and pleasant, you can keep each other ’s lovers online, and you can talk about love without dating, but this is unrealistic after all, such love is unreal, you do not know each other, neither Does it make any sense to understand you? Maybe it’s just deceiving oneself.

  1. I can’t see myself clearly

When a relationship ends, you always find the cause in the other person. You think that your failed relationship is the other party’s mistake. To know that a good relationship requires two people to maintain, the same failed relationship is also two people. Relationship, so be aware of yourself, you have your shortcomings, do not always push the fault to the other party, your shortcomings must be changed, then in future love you will know how to improve, not so easy If you want to break up or the other party breaks up.


  1. Desire to succeed

You are eager to be a successful person in your life. Whether you are working or playing games, you value success and failure too much. Such people are more victorious, even for love and romance. A relationship does not succeed. You will think that you are a loser, and you will lose your confidence, which just shows that you are a person with a low mental capacity. You take too much of a lot of things in mind. Failure in love again and again.


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