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Do You Know How to Fall in Love?

There is one thing in the world that you do not have to learn without learning, and that is to fall in love. Although everyone’s relationship is different, once in love, the fool will become excited and smart. The point is that good love is home to marriage, and bad love is always easy to die. So how can we fall in love for a long time?

  1. Don’t treat love as everything

We always feel that passion is consumed quickly because the enthusiasm for being together is too high. In fact, emotions that can exist for a long time are more rational than emotional. We cannot have a person in life and we will completely lose ourselves. If you change your meaning of being alive to the other party, not only will the other party feel stressed, but your value will gradually decrease. Even though we have the ability to get along well, we still have our own things to do. Support each other and communicate effectively. One plus one is more than two together.

You can be very greasy and sweet when you can be together, but focus on being yourself when you break up. How to do it? When they were two, they devoted themselves wholeheartedly to release themselves from their intense work. They only showed their vitality and cuteness to the person in front of them, and entered the “love mode”.

When you are separated, do not disturb each other’s work and study, use all your energy to manage yourself, enhance your own value, and make yourself a better person. Mature love is to grow and create each other.

  1. Do not easily challenge human nature

Human nature is complicated, there will be a dark side, if we insist on challenging it, it is not easy for it to have flaws, then most of us will be disappointed.

People can lie, they can make mistakes, they can have bad emotions and problems they do not want to face. We cannot ask anyone to become a saint, just as we often cannot do it ourselves.

If you are always picky and express dissatisfaction, then this relationship will not be easy, and it is more difficult to be happy. Many people are unable to control their jealousy because of personality reasons or influenced by their growth experience. They can’t control their jealousy. They always suffer from gains and losses.

  1. Make yourself more worthwhile

Feelings centered on others is very humble, not only makes you feel inferior, but also makes the other party unconsciously influenced by you, and has to take the responsibility of two people, and become more tired.

In a long-term relationship, both people will spend more energy on themselves, making themselves more worthy of each other ’s love, gaining more happiness and sweetness, love without respect and appreciation is difficult to last, even if it exists most More and more painful. When one day we grow up ourselves, but find that the other party is still the same as before, after one party’s field of vision becomes wider, it is difficult to understand each other in ideas, and the probability of conflicts breaking out becomes higher. Love actually depends on attraction. If the gap is too large, sometimes the effort is just in vain.

So whether we are in love or ready to start falling in love, the first thing to do is to love yourself. When you become more and more beautiful and charming, you will be more confident in love and more capable of maintaining this relationship.


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