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How to Hold a Man’s Heart so That He Can’t Live Without You?

How to make a man love you so much that you can’t live without you? I believe this is the secret that most women want to know. It is easy to make a man fall in love with you, but it is hard to fall in love with you deeply There are few words of love in the dictionary, so how can we trap a man firmly?

  1. Grab the man’s heart and grab his stomach first

Many people do not believe this trick. In fact, this is a more useful trick, because no woman will insist on making delicious meals for him for ten years, so what you have to do is to practice your cooking skills every day. Make a delicious meal for him when he is off work, and wait for his return, no matter how late he is. Under such circumstances, men will slowly feel the warmth of the family. If they always work overtime until late at night, then You can make supper for him when he comes back.

  1. Grab your stomach and grab your heart

It is useless to just grab the man ’s stomach. After all, there are a lot of restaurants outside. There are many foods that are more delicious. Another important point is to grab the man ’s heart and use your means to grab him. Heart, let him fall under your pomegranate skirt, let him love you more.

  1. There must be a two-person world every week

Smart women will always arrange a two-person world between you, for example, when the two of you are not disturbed by family members on a weekend afternoon, for example, when you go out to watch a movie belonging to two people. This two-person world belongs to only two of you, and no one else is present. Maybe your life is usually a family of people, there are fathers and mothers and your children, you will pay more attention when communicating, but when the two are in the world, you can relax yourself and have a deep communication.

  1. Praise his good

Men need to be praised. Do not think that he is already your partner. You do not need this form of praise. Men need to be praised just like women need to be affirmed and praised. Maybe you think men will have Disadvantages, but he will always have advantages worth your liking, his advantages must be said, let him know that you have a very important place in his heart, let him know that his position in this family is very important, this way How can a man abandon you?

  1. We must pay attention to the issues mentioned during the quarrel

When we quarrel, we always complain that this is not good, that is not good, in fact, the question asked during the quarrel is the most important, because this problem may be the other party’s sigh in the heart for a long time, he said it while arguing The quarrel is targeted. When you quarrel, you may soon be reconciled. At this time, you should recall the following content of your quarrel. You must pay attention to any questions raised by him. Quarrel over this issue.

  1. Return to the good times

You will often meet the good times between you, that was when you first started to fall in love, and when you just got in touch, there are so many sweet and bitter, and now your marriage may have been three or five years and no longer the original I feel that, and often recall your past.


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