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Relationship: How to Save relationship After Breaking Up?


In love, it is not always smooth sailing, because of misunderstanding in relationship many couples regret breaking up, but breaking up does not mean the end of a relationship, hello, you can use some recovery techniques to restore your love and to make you relationship more stronger!

Reflect on yourself and find out the problem

Many conflicts have broken out, in which aspect did they emerge, and what better solution is there. Whether the two people solve the problem in an inappropriate way. Solving it with cold violence will only make the rift of feelings bigger and bigger. To reflect on yourself and find out the real problems of the two people, you can take the right medicine.

Don’t always contact her after breaking up

If you have been calling her recently. Don’t stick to her all the time, now try to keep her away from her, even to keep her cold for a while. Stop any active contact with her!

Reduce requirements, second attraction

If the demand is lower, the dominance is in your hands, that is when the grip is tightest. Moreover, if you mainly show a clear sense of demand, it means your low use value. You are willing to restore your husband’s mental state first, and understand how to divert your concentration, you can have the rhythm of your life.

Adjust your mindset and emotions

When you break up, you will definitely have some big and small complaints against the other party, either think that the other party does not love you enough or think that some of his habits and personality make you hate, so your heart is occupied by some negative emotions, so say If you can’t adjust your negative emotions, even if you combine them, you will not be happy. You might as well put down some paranoid opinions about her. After all, when you want to work hard to redeem, you still have her in your heart.

Change yourself and try to keep her heart

The process of redeeming your predecessors is also the process of establishing mutual attraction. Only if you work hard to improve yourself and change the things she did not like before will increase her second impression. For example, a friend of my friend and his When I was together, he always rejected him as fat, so three months after they broke up, my friend tried to lose weight, from 160 pounds to 120 pounds. When they met again, his predecessor shined, so it was so natural that they had seen them a few times. It was reconciled after the meeting.



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