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Is your Relationship Worth Your Sinking?


The youth of a woman is always very short. In real life, many women give up their youth, but when they meet others, their beautiful youth is dedicated to the scumbag. When they look back, everything is too late. Maybe I had questioned myself at the beginning, but there was no such thing as a cliff. How can I avoid wasting my youth? Maybe many people understand the truth, but when they are really in it, they ca not extricate themselves because of love. At this time, they can only save themselves. The following feelings are not worthy of everyone ’s sinking. I hope you can be in In this relationship, as soon as possible, the cliff is ruined.

  1. You care more about each other

When you are in love, everyone says that whoever loves the most will lose. Love doesn’t win or lose, but because you pay too much, if you don’t succeed in the end, you will feel like you lost. Love is fair, but because you love more than the other, it is not fair between you. You did a lot of things for him, but he did not do anything for you. You are in this love role. You will lose your balance. Sooner or later you will complain about the other party’s injustice, and you will break up.

  1. You want to help each other

In love, you always have a feeling of Mary the savior. You always want to help each other and want to cheer them up, but this kind of feeling is not love. Maybe you think you need it, but do you think the other person needs it? You are not a savior, and your thoughts only seem to you that you are a high princess. When you are in poverty, you will give him alms. At different heights, your love will only make the other party more and more no confidence.

  1. Your potential to love each other

The other party’s potential is not what he really looks like. In other words, you love what the other party looks like in the future, but what if his future does not reach what you want? I believe you will not be reconciled to want to transform him into the way you want. In other words, you do n’t love what he really looks like, you want him to be what you think. This kind of love can’t last long. If you love her, you must love all of him, respect his present, and work together to achieve his future.

  1. Treat the other party as an object of worship

In reality, we often see a lot of news. Some star is in love with his fans, or the star is in love with the director, the student is in love with the teacher, etc. This feeling is a feeling of worship, and the weak are in love with strong This kind of performance cannot last for a long time, because you are not equal yourself, the other party regards you as the object of worship, you cannot be fair in love, they even have a low self-esteem Psychology, the final feelings will not last long.

  1. He was chosen because of rebellion

No matter how old we are in front of our parents, we always rebellious and do not want to listen to their parents, just like parents want us to choose an object with good family conditions, but we do not like it and choose one that has nothing. Tutoring allows us to obey our parents, but many people in life will not listen to their parents’ opinions. At this time, we often choose to sing against our parents, but in the future, you may regret it, because parents are really good for themselves.


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