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Men Have 8 Expressions After Orgasm. Lets Interpret Secret behind them.


After the men and women are in the bed, the love process is important, but what does the man around you look like afterwards of having orgasm? Are you contented to hold you tenderly or start to fall asleep? In fact, men will have various expressions after the orgasm/climax! Do you want to know what kind of person he belongs to? Let me teach you how to read the expression of a man after orgasm!

Facial expression after man

  1. A long Sigh

He is a man with an urgent personality and likes to express. After reaching the summit, he needs to express his feelings. Although it is not a pride, he feels that this will be a bit happier. Such men are more cheerful and forthright. Orgasm is also a kind of expression of life for him. He does not conceal his happiness and regret at that moment, so a complex long sigh draws a happy exclamation mark for his orgasm!

He likes to drive straight in, get it all in one go, and the thrill of joy. In life, he pays attention to work efficiency, does not procrastinate, and is sincerer. Hope partner: shout with him, he likes your happy echo, in fact, it is also the best encouragement to him. Don’t be dumb to eat the pistachios silently and open like a flower.

  1. Shy

He felt a trace of regret and shame for what he had just said to be “fearful” or “fried rice” that was lingering or wild or nauseous. However, when he was in love, he seemed to be like a “beast” and suddenly became angry, impulsive, or arrogant. Therefore, when he regained his upper body consciousness after the orgasm or climax, he became awake and embarrassed. At this time, he was easy to tease and cute. Hope partner: Hold him and say nothing; or you are more shy than him. Avoid clamor, rap and talk.

  1. Nothingness

He was a bit discouraged, some saw through the red dust, and felt that all his efforts or hard work ended in the end, so he was somewhat lost, and felt that the good things of men and women are nothing less. This kind of man is somewhat negative and pessimistic. He may be more thoughtful, but sensitive, easy to give up, and impatient. His fatal injury is a lack of fighting spirit. For him, Ai Ai is a two-fold test. When he fell from heaven into the world, he hated to get home to practice Buddha.

In bed, I like some procrastination, because for him, the peak is the beginning of the fall. Hope partner: Fill your happiness and satisfaction with a smile to save his defeated emotions. Do not say trivial things, keep the atmosphere and temperature of love on a certain scale, and do not change it for 30 minutes.

  4. False Type

Immediately afterwards, he pulled the quilt to hide the ugliness, and fell asleep under the pretext of excuses, or afterwards, as famous said, such as “how could I do this?”. it seems that he was not a real self just now, and subconsciously feels that sex is not respectable, so he keeps talking about off-topics and diverting his attention. He doesn’t disrespect the woman’s feelings and desire to continue talking.

This kind of man lacks a sense of responsibility, likes to shirk, and dare not take responsibility. Moreover, fear of the truth, so in life, often face the problem by evasion, rather than face-to-face problem solving. If he steals food outside, he must confess on the spot; even homework, he will whisper to express his consciousness.

  5. Contentment Type

Her cheeks were crimson, her breathing was gentle, or she closed her eyes to recuperate, or hugged her tightly, the look aftertaste, happiness, and even a little prostration and intoxication. Such a man may not speak well, but he is full of heart and likes to enjoy life, women and love. He is a tortoise and gives the illusion that “love will be difficult.” In fact, he is the most down-to-earth traveler, saving, not wasting, but can be romantic, to the bones.

  6. Unfinished Type

He must be energetic and ambitious. Such a man’s sunshine, dare to act, will call the bed. In life, I am an open-minded and enthusiastic person, willing to help others, make friends, generous and bold. More masculine, has a strong desire to conquer in bed, likes to play “three times a night”, perfect, never sloppy. He might suggest to work harder in the bathtub, he would make it hard for women to refuse. Hope partner: Push the boat along the water, but you can stream a long stream. Never refuse or be impatient, and do not say indifferently, “Go to sleep” will be fine.

  7. Childish Type

Some unreasonable character, childish. He will make some joking movements to continue the atmosphere, such as tickling and amusement, such as coquetry: “Baby, help me squeeze my back.” Or can’t pretend to die in her arms. This kind of man is more readable and somewhat precious and naive, but it is also easy to become frivolous, and in life, the resistance to temptation is slightly worse. He may like the love of his sister and brother, and sometimes hopes the woman to serve him, but, in love, this kind of man is easy to “laugh.” Hope partner: When you are in love, always stay “young”, your passion is his best motivation. Do not be conservative, let him play with him, and give yourself a holiday.

  8. Self-Mockery

He would say: “I’m dying and happy soon!” Or “How can happiness be so fast?” Or humorously say: “Insufficient hospitality, please forgive me!” The old question: “Is it comfortable”, “Is it cool”, “Is it great?” He might sit up, light a cigarette, and mutter to himself: “Isn’t it true that men can’t help themselves like this?” Or he would ask: “Baby, how can I kiss and thirst more and more?” In short, these men are slurred and gifted with language. They like to use calm jokes to appease the heart of agitated women. Hope the partner: use his body to feedback his words, and he can also respond with whine. Never ridicule, learn to support him with a sweet smile.


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