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The Most Effective Way To Remember These 6-Point Thin Backs

The hot summer is coming; many female friends hope to wear a beautiful suspender skirt. A tall, slender figure with a refined temperament will always make people remember. But not everyone can have a beautiful back. In fact, through the efforts of the day after tomorrow, we can also have it. Too much fat on the back will make the whole body shape very ugly, so today I will introduce several methods for thin back.

  First, Shake Your Arms Akimbo

The method of shaking arms with hips not only makes our back more firm, but also allows us to exercise the muscles in our back, and the arm can also reduce the bye meat. First of all, our legs are as wide as our shoulders. After standing, our hands are inserted into our waists. Our hands should shake vigorously forward and backward, and repeated practice until our arms are tired.

  Second, Insist On Doing Chest Expansion Exercises Every Day

If you want a beautiful back, it is absolutely necessary for this chest expansion action, as long as we have time, we can do a chest expansion exercise. Breast enlargement exercise is the easiest and simplest exercise among all thin-back exercises. You can adjust the rhythm of the chest expansion according to your own state. After you finish, you will feel the warmth of the back muscles. Fat is burning in the back.

  Third, Standing Push-Ups

Standing push-ups can play a very good effect of thin back, but persevere. First put our hands tightly against the wall and lean forward. When doing this action, pay attention that our arms should be parallel to the ground, then we tighten our back, tighten the abdominal muscles, and slowly lower the height of the body. When reaching our lowest position, after holding for 15 seconds, slowly return the body to its original position. Do at least 15 standing push-ups every day. Try to practice every day as much as possible. After persevering, you will find that there is a big change in its back.

  Fourth, Massage

If the blood circulation in our body is bad, it will make our entire body swollen, and at the same time the body’s muscles will become tense. Excessive muscles in the back may also be caused by poor blood circulation, then this time we can use massage to improve this problem. Massage can promote the circulation of blood and lymph, so as to better discharge the lungs in the body. During massage, we can also use the body care products we usually use.

  The Fifth Step, Less Hump

It doesn’t matter whether we are wearing a suspender skirt or a backless outfit. We must always observe whether we have hunchbacks, because hunchbacks not only make us as a whole without spirit, but also have a great influence on posture. Always pay attention to whether our back is straight. If we straighten our waist, we will make our back lines look more beautiful.

  The Sixth Step Is To Pat The Back With A Towel

Every girl takes a shower before going to bed. Because in the shower, steam can open our pores, allowing the skin to breathe more comfortably, and at the same time make our bodies better blood circulation. At this time, we have to seize this opportunity to carry out a thin back, first take a shower with relatively hot water, let our entire back heat up, then we grab the end of the towel with each left and right hand, and gently tap our Back. You may feel very tired when you first do it, and we often can’t take a full picture of the back, but after a long time, you will find that the back becomes very relaxed after slap. This method can actually promote blood circulation and lymphatic circulation in our back. Another thing to note is that when using a towel to pat the back, don’t use too much force.


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