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There are three symptoms of prostatitis. See if you have any!

Prostatitis is a very common male disease. Male friends aged 25-40 are more common. Especially in recent years, prostatitis has become more and more young. Although prostatitis will not be life-threatening after its onset, it is also necessary. Rest assured, because prostatitis is very harmful to male health, such as causing physical discomfort and pain, which most seriously affects reproductive function, it is easy to be repeatedly infected when the seasons change, and it causes many inconveniences in life for male patients. Let’s take a look at the symptoms of male prostatitis.

According to relevant data, more than half of male friends will suffer from mild or severe prostatitis in their lifetime. Among these prostatitis patients, many male patients do not understand the symptoms of prostatitis before they get sick. I don’t know until my body is very uncomfortable, and this can only be judged accurately when I go to the hospital for an examination. At this time, it is possible to miss the best treatment opportunity and increase the difficulty of treatment. Early detection and early treatment can control the development of the disease early. It is also necessary.

If you have prostatitis, understand the following symptoms!

1. Pain

When a male friend suffers from prostatitis, the body will experience pain symptoms. The pain is mainly concentrated in the center of the lower abdomen, perineum, etc., and extends to the pelvis, in front of the pubis, etc., and the pain is mainly bloated, and may be accompanied by bulging , Heaviness, and even backache. When these symptoms appear, we must pay enough attention.

2. Difficulty urinating

When a man suffers from prostatitis, urination will be abnormal, such as frequent urination, urgency, urination, dysuria, pain, etc. Sometimes the urination will also feel a burning sensation, or after urination or strong stool, the prostate has Milky secretions overflow, and there may be a little yellow spots on the underwear from the morning. These symptoms must be clarified.

3. Loss of libido

In fact, prostatitis will not affect sexual function, nor will it damage the blood vessels and nerves on the prostate, but it will cause the patient’s libido or other sexual problems by affecting the patient’s spirit and mood, thus affecting the life of the couple. harmonious. There are many such examples in real life. At the beginning, it was not the same thing, and the result was a serious degree of loss of libido, husband and wife, and finally fell apart.

Therefore, when these three symptoms appear in the body of a male friend, it is likely that you have already suffered from prostatitis. You must find out and treat early, do a good job to rule out the possibility of prostatitis, and treat it if you do.

What are the relevant introductions of the symptoms of male prostatitis and make it clear that if you do have prostatitis through inspection, you must go to the regular hospital early to choose treatment or go to prescribe medicine. Don’t think this is a bad thing. It’s normal to have a disease. Don’t delay the condition because of this kind of thinking. This will not only delay the condition, but also greatly harm your health. After detecting prostatitis disease, go to a regular hospital for regular treatment, listen to the doctor, actively use drugs to control the development of the disease, and develop good habits of hygiene in life, exercise more, and a balanced diet, which is conducive to the health of the body.


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