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When Its Better to do Abdominal Muscles Exercise

Abdominal muscles

Abdominal muscles and waistcoat lines are the goals pursued by every fitness man and girl. The formation of abdominal muscles waistbands requires the cooperation of various factors. Before we shared the methods and diets for abdominal muscles training, a few times to see which time is more appropriate for you.

1) Leave the abdominal muscles training after strength training or aerobic training

The advantage of taking this time to train the abdominal muscles is that, no matter what we do, the abdominal muscles will be more or less involved in the effort. After completing the main training, the abdominal muscles will also be trained, and the energy will be almost exhausted. Finally, Doing targeted abdominal muscle training can help you reach the final exhaustion level. In the end, the overall training volume is the highest and the training intensity of the abdominal muscles is also the best. It can be said that it is a time point of two birds with one stone.


2) Arrange abdominal muscle training to rest between the groups of each action

Arranged at this time, it is to improve the overall training efficiency to the best. For example, after completing the squat training, then come to the 30-second plate support and then rest. The time required for abdominal muscle training is dispersed between the groups and the rest, this arrangement can reduce the time required for the entire training Much shorter, improve efficiency.


3) Schedule abdominal muscle training before the training starts

The abdomen and core muscles are distributed around our spine and are one of our main sources of strength. All kinds of training will use this part of the power. Arranging the abdominal training before the main body training has the advantage that the abdominal muscle training can be completed more easily.

But conversely, if your abdominal muscles have been exhausted before the main training, then it will cost alot. It will make you unable to use more core strength to maintain your spine stability while doing main training such as squats or hard lifting. On the contrary, the training effect will be reduced and even injuries will occur. So if you arrange the abdominal muscle training before the main training, you need to do more appropriate planning and avoid heavy body training on the same day!


4) Separate abdominal training from the main training day

The abdominal muscles training is arranged on the rest day of the main training day. Compared with the first three, the advantages of this method are:

  • The training on the main training day will not be affected.
  • 100% focus on abdominal muscle training.

One day of main training and one day of abdominal muscle training. If such training time can be arranged then these two will not conflict with each other. Both can help to reach the original goal. Remember, even if it’s just abdominal training, don’t forget to do a warm-up!

The above four training time points have their own benefits! The point is to judge according to your own situation. Choose the training time that is most suitable for you. Now find a way to enlarge its advantages and reduce its disadvantages.


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