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Why Exercise Choose to Climb the Mountain

Mountain climbing is suitable for men, women and children. Regular mountain climbing exercises can make people feel happy and can also exercise their physical ability. In short, there are many benefits of mountain climbing. Let’s take a look at the following benefits.


What are the benefits of climbing?


Why is mountain climbing the most popular among weight loss methods? Because in aerobic exercise, mountain climbing is a sport suitable for all ages. Ascending to the horizon, not only can you open your mind during the climbing, but more importantly, you can lose weight and lift your hips to create a perfect figure. But climbing is also a good aerobic exercise to lose weight, often climbing to help the physical and mental health. But to remind you, you must pay attention to the method of climbing, and pay attention to some things, so as to achieve a better weight-loss effect.


Climbing and raising hips for more shaping.


You know, the most meat-reducing part of climbing is the hips. Excessive fat accumulation in the buttocks, sagging of the buttocks, or too flat buttocks affect the curve of the buttocks. If you want to have attractive buttocks curves and firm buttocks muscles, you must exercise the hips accordingly. During mountain climbing, the thigh muscles will drive the buttocks muscles to move together, so that the buttocks tighten, become tighter and more elastic. This repeated flexion and extension process can exercise the hip muscles of the MM, thus shaping the attractive hip lines.


Mountain climbing is good for mental health.


The people in modern urban life who live in the forest of reinforced concrete all the time can compare with the original ecological nature. So why not spend some time on weekends and holidays with friends to go mountain climbing!


Climbing the mountain to exercise foot strength and exercise cardiopulmonary function.


As the saying goes: “A person’s old feet decline first.” When a person’s feet are strong, they can run, jump, and walk, and it is not easy to age. In terms of training your feet, mountain climbing works best. The foot is the root of the human body. Regular mountain climbing can increase the strength of the lower extremities, increase the flexibility of the joints, promote the return of venous blood in the lower extremities, prevent diseases such as varicose veins, osteoporosis and muscle atrophy, and can effectively stimulate the 6 meridians of the lower extremities and many foot points, Make the meridian smooth, delay aging. When climbing a mountain, the arms swing, the joints and muscles of the waist, back, and neck are constantly in motion, which promotes the metabolism of body energy and enhances cardiopulmonary function. Mountain climbing has the effects of strong body, health care and auxiliary treatment, and its value is particularly obvious to people who have lived in cities for a long time.


Climbing the mountain can sharpen your will and broaden your mind.


To climb a mountain, you have to climb up step by step, like a staircase, you have to move step by step. After climbing up, sometimes you have to step down step by step. It is indeed very hard. However, when you climb to the top of the mountain, when you conquer one peak after another, you will feel extremely excited, happy and contented. “People who have broken through the mountains are not old, and the scenery is unique here.” Climbing the mountain can make you feel the unique state and fun after reaching the peak through hardship.


Climbing mountains can also inspire human wisdom.


Because for mental workers who work indoors all day, climbing the mountains in the wild with fresh air is the best active rest, which can relax all the nervous brain cells, which is like opening the imagination. In the gate of development, all kinds of creative thinking will emerge together, letting it go, and then new creative work begins again.


Precautions for weight loss


Finally, we have to talk about some things to pay attention to when climbing, although climbing is a slimming and decompression exercise, but also pay attention to some details when climbing, so as to ensure safety during climbing.



The use of mountain climbing to lose weight requires certain skills, such as breathing, in accordance with a certain breathing rate throughout the mountain climbing process, in general, heart rate should be maintained at 120-140 times a minute, and then gradually increase with high intensity, you can’t suddenly accelerate your footsteps or do a desperate sprint. This will cause changes in breathing frequency and cause physical discomfort.



Climbing down the mountain also requires mastering energy-saving skills. The most labor-saving method is to lean forward with the center of gravity when going up the mountain, which can save about 1/3 of the physical strength. Walking down the Z-shape can protect the knee joint from less impact, and it can also Save energy.


Replenishment: Any exercise requires replenishment, the same way to lose weight in mountain climbing, also need to replenish water, especially to drink 400-600 ml of water 10-15 minutes before climbing, and follow the principle of drinking less and drinking more during mountain climbing, which can reduce the degree of water shortage in sports, and it is also the most scientific drinking method.



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