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Yoga Exercises Can Circulate Blood in The Legs

Many people standing for a long time due to work causes the blood circulation of the legs to be unsmooth, so that puffiness occurs. So this problem can be alleviated by some yoga exercises.

Sitting or standing for a long time will make the blood circulation of the legs poor, and the legs will become stiff or even swollen over time. In addition to the simple exercise of soaking feet and raising legs, you can also practice the following stovepipe yoga moves. Yoga helps you soothe leg muscles and tighten your legs.


Promote blood circulation in lower limbs and improve edema.

1. Lie on your back with your hands flat. The back and waist are against the floor, the knees are bent up, the inside of the feet are close together, and the heels are close to the hips.

  •    Put your hands flat
  •    Knee up and stand

2. Turn your knees to the right, and press your left toe against the floor. Hold the left ventral side with your right hand.

  •    Right hand grasps the left ventral side
  •    Fold to the right
  •    The left toe is against the floor

3. Pull the right hand on the left ventral side to the right. When the body is used to the stimulation of pulling.

  •    Pull to the right

4. Slowly release your hand to resume flat swing.

  •    Release your hand

5. Stand up the knee and readjust the center of the foot and body.

  •    Erect your knees again

6. With both knees leaning to the left, hold the right toe of the upper foot against the floor, and grasp the right ventral side with your left hand.

  •    Left hand grasp right ventral side
  •    Left to the left
  •    The right toe is against the floor

7. Pull the left hand on the right ventral side to the left. After getting used to the stimulation of pulling, you can shake your body with the right toe and the palm of your left hand against the floor.

  •    Pull left

8. Slowly release your hand and swing it flat. Restore the posture of step 5 and take a break.

9. The pharmacist warmly reminds that the swelling of the legs is caused by blood circulation disorders. It is necessary to pay attention to the proper rest of the legs. While doing yoga, some massage is necessary.


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